April 2nd - Single Release - "Liftoff"


Despite the pandemic wave cancelling our tour mid-run and cancelled future tours we channeled all our creative energy into setting up our own recording/rehearsal space and writing a new 9 song album.  We are right now recording these 9 songs for an Aug release via Ripple Music! 

Part of this journey allowed us to record every rehearsal and spontaneous jam.  This is one of them - a 9minute spontaneous live jam single. This is a first take. This jam was captured on Sept, 30, 2020. 

This will be a  digital only release through our 2008 imprint Magic Lady Records in partnership with @RippleMusic @ripplemusic  

Killer cover artwork from the aerosol master - Mark Fussell @markusfussell 

If you sign up on our email list at www.freedomhawk.net you can get it early.  

Get ready for - Liftoff!  

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